G O N Z O s C A T ! !
Singer Daniel Nealand has been exciting and delighting San
Francisco Bay area jazz listeners and musicians alike with the
colorful, wide-ranging, full-throttle approach to song interpretation
and experimental vocal improvisation called “Gonzoscat!!”

Raised on swing jazz, then bop>cool, beneficiary of a 3-generation
East coast musical family tradition begun by an adventurous
saxophone-playing, PanchoVilla-pursuing grandfather, Newland
logged several decades of crazed professional rock singing, handling
everything from soulful ballads through fusion and psychedelic to
glam-metal.  And then: the return forward to jazz, home to the vast
universe of (always swinging!) vocal expression.
Today, Daniel Nealand sports a repertoire that can flex with the
occasion: not only on jazz vocals standards but also early-traditional,
bop,post-bop, Latin, rock/pop, R&B/Soul, modern and post-modern
tunes. The common thread, from WC Handy to Porter, Monk and Jobim
to Radiohead, is lyrical poetry and intriguing melody/harmonic
structure.    Song selection can be tailored to fit the needs of particular

Fascinating new dimensions emerge when a tune may become the
vehicle for Daniel’s unique and celebrated brand of vocal improvisation
or scat-singing, which combines 4 octaves of instrument-style facility
and harmonic penetration with the vast expressive range and depth of
voice.   This approach, which might be compared to a confluence of
Jon Hendricks, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn with Latin-Afro and
Mid-Eastern influences mixed in, has garnered the appreciation of not
only general and jazz audiences, but musicians as well.

See Tab 3 Above for a sample song list.

Daniel Newland’s CD, “Gonzo WildsCat Uppers!" is available on the
web at CD Baby and "all over the place" at other sites. A sample mp3
for "Cherokee" is avalable via the "2-CD" tab above.

For bookings, please contact:
Phone:  He can also be reached at  
650-728-0427 (hm) or 650-269-2647 (cell).

(Note: "Daniel Newland" and "Gonzoscat" are stage names for
Daniel Nealand.)

And thanks for visiting, reading, and listening!
Daniel Nealand, Vocalist